16/12/2013 all the year 6s had graduation, all the boys had to wear a suit and all the girls had to wear a dress. We all looked great at the diner, I sat next to my friend at the diner. After that we walked back to school for the ceremony, we all lined up to come in when we came in all the perants and teachers were standing up for us a clapping, we sat down and lee gave the opening speach. Then we got our scrols and gifts, after that there were a whole lot of speaches about us, but the the valedictory speaker got up a deliverd their speech It was a great speech I thought it was really inspiering. Then we did our dancing which was a suprise and in the dancing we had to dance with a girl then it was over in a tick.we did the final goodbye then it was all over.

5/6 camp reflection

on the 26/11/2013 the year 5/6s went to camp, we went to the shipreck coast and stayed at warnabool. some people missed this epic adventure and I think our teacher Lee was disappointed at the kids that didn’t want to come.

we all got on the bus for a long bus trip, I sat next to a friend and we played a game called chop sticks neely the whole way there. The first stop was at and aboriginal tribe were some aboriginals showed us some things they used to do before white man came, I was very interesting to learn about what they used to do such as: the aboriginal people used to make a portable baby cot out of a tree and they used it for holding berries, water and babies, we also got the throw a boomerang. Then we got back on the bus and our bus driver Brian drove us to a park at colak were we had lunch, we got back on the bus and Brian drove us to redrock. we went to the top and we could see mount elephant, the site was amazing we could see as far as the horizon and a we saw cows, sheep and horses then we made the final stretch for Warrnambool

When we got there we got told our roommates and went strait to our rooms to get them sorted out out rooms and chose out beds then we went to diner and ate. we went back to our rooms and had a shower,after we had a shower we had a trivia quiz we all had lots of fun but unfortunately our team didn’t win. we went to sleep and woke up at 7:00 am for a 7:30 breaky,we then went to flagstaff hill the old whaling town I was so fascinated and I learnt so much, we had to pair up with someone to compleate the questions, we were racing around and almost finished it. Our Gide wore an old fashion dress and she told us about the whaling boats and how the men on Bord, those men were really though because they had to handle massive sees rowing a  9 meter boat with big heavy ores I must have been though for them. we ate our lunch and went to the motle.

we then went the tower hill the old volcano with lots of wild life, there is a giant lake in the Creator with a island in the middle we saw emus and rabbits there. then we met u with our girds who showed us the way we saw lots of plants and animals, our Gide’s also showed us some bush tucker and he let us eat some that was quite an expiriance. after that we went hometot he motel

Paul L. Kirk was a chemist, forensic scientist and participant in the Manhattan Project and he specialized in microscopy. He was born May 9, 1902 and he died on June 5 1970. he went to the Ohio state university in California. In 1929 Kirk became professor of biochemistry at UC Berkeley.  Kirk said,  that he first became interested in forensic science in his early days as a teacher, after a student asked if it could be determined if a dog had died of poisoning. Kirk became  a leader of UC Berkeley’s criminology program. Kirk was involved in the Manhattan Project during the war years where he worked on the process to isolate fissionable plutonium from 1942 to 1945, if Kirk wanted to be remembered he would be remembered in criminalistics.

Kirk is best known for his work in the Sam sheppard case which was when Sam sheppard had brutally bashed Marilyn sheppard On January 22, 1955, it was located at Cleveland suburb of Bay Village, one month after Sam Sheppard’s conviction Kirk visited the scene of the crime after which he wrote an extensive report  mainly based on blood stain analysis. authorities asked Kirk to do a microscopic examination of a rape victim’s clothing. He found fibers from the attacker’s shirt  and this evidence resulted in a conviction.  Kirk had a wife and two daughters.



5 Big Questions: Hating Alison Ashley

What makes this book good?

The thing that makes this book good is that the author makes the book very descriptive and that makes it a very enjoyable book to read. I also think that the characters in this book are interesting and funny, the author has done a good job describing the characters personalities.

What would make this book better?

The book would be better if the teachers in this book were described a bit better because I didn’t really understand the teachers and what they do. also they went into detale a bit to much which made to book a bit boring when it did that.

What’s the one of the most important thing the author wants you to know? 

I think that the author is trying to get across people getting jealous of each other and one of the main things is that no matter how Rich or poor you are anyone can be a good person. Or that you should never get jealous of other people because it can take over you and make you difern’t person. 

Why did the author write this book?

I think the author wrote this book because it happened to her when she was a kid, or she just wated to get a message across to people about not getting jealous. And also probably to get money

What does the audience need to know to understand and enjoy the book?      

 they need to know that Erica (the main character) is a person who thinks she is so good and is the best.




Dear children.

 I have herd you have been struck by a massive typhoon and many of your loved ones have been seriously injured or killed I am sending this note to help you get over your fears and your physical challenges. I wnat you to never ever give up hope and you will always fight for your loved ones and yourself because the people who give up don’t go very far in life but if you keep on surviving you will get over your fears and grow in character remember I will always believe in you

national tree day

On the 26/7/2013 all children In M.P.P.S and other schools across Australia take part in planting trees in their schools, around 2500 schools take part in this wonderful advent. People are taking part in this advent even at their works and homes. It was really fun as a class helping each other digging a hole then planting a tree, our teacher Lee showed us how to make the soil soft at the bottom. Two students organised the tree planting day they were Luca and molly the two green team leaders.

Hear is a link if you want to check out their website:


Every class in our school had a go at digging the hole and plating the tree, some students were chosen to take care of the preps wile the teachers were gone, I was helping the preps dig the hole and it was quite funny watching  how they dug it.  All the classes were having a great time which was great every one was having a go at digging and planting the tree, one green team member would tell us what we had to do and how to do it. The teachers took pictures of the classes next to the tree and some pictures of just a few people.








GTAC reflection

On the 31/10/2013 the 5/6’s that are not in band went to GTAC on Thursday. we all had a fun time looking through microscopes. the kind of microscopes we looked through was the compound microscope and the stereo microscope, the compound microscope had fore different settings, the settings were 40x magnification then 100x then 400x then the most 1000x . The stereo microscope is a microscope that cant be changed in it’s magnification it could be zoomed to 40x. The scientist we worked with was Carlo he is a student at Melbourne uni that studies Bio Technology.

after that we ate recess the we went back to the lab and used the compound microscope to look at water from a dogs coat. When I looked down the microscope I saw tiny little bugs swimming around in the water, everyone was amazed that micro-organisms could be in the water. The micro-organisms that we saw were Spirogyra, Paramecium and Euglena the were fascinating little bugs, some of them were in groups swimming around an around some of them were clear and dotty and others were purple and dotty. we put the water in these glass films that help the water in place.

we ate our lunch the we watched a movie about cells and how they grow to make our bodies grow, we went back to school and every one learnt lots.

Newspaper report


My teacher Lee got an animal tail on the 17/10/2013 for the school dress up day, Lee loved it so much that he hung it up from the projector so every one could see it. The location was in the classroom the number of the room was 17, there were many pieces of evidence that gave the investigators a clue. Investigators are still unsure who committed this despicable crime. The investigators found a weight watchers,


interviewers asked Lee what he had for lunch and he had a 4 n 20 pie, Lee new that two teachers Matt and Rebecca went out for lunch but Lee didn’t know what they might of don after at period 5, are they the awful people who committed this crime…

Know one knows, Yet

week #2

As the fish looked at me in the eyes I had a moment of regret, I was fishing in the deep waters of Africa and I just fished up a killer deep sea monster, well it may not look like one but it sure is. The fish’s jaw was bigger than my uncles jaw and I tell ya my uncles jaw massive any way it was silent and calm for a second, then out of nowhere it started moving a bit then it started to squirm and make weird alien noises. “AHHHHHHHH!” I said and offcourse it ate me up.